About Us

About us:

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the B2B e-Commerce solution used by the Oil Industry and is used at a transactional level between the trading partners. It is used for all modes of transport (Road, Rail, Pipe, Water Crosspump and Bunkers) and at all locations. It was initially scoped to be used for “borrow loan” transactions, but due to the changing nature of business and contractual arrangements between trading partners is now used for Borrow Loan, Throughput and Buy-Sell.

The SA EDI Forum was set up in the early 90s by the Oil Majors in the SA Oil Industry to set and maintain standards of EDI usage within this industry. It is enforced pursuant to any contractual business agreement between two (or more) trading partners. (These business agreements will typically state that all transactions will be enabled using Industry EDI…). There is also an Interchange agreement that all parties are signatories to. Any new entrant wishing to transact with any other party in the Oil Industry must become a signatory to the Interchange agreement before being allowed to trade on EDI.

The EDI Forum is an organisation represented by all the Oil Majors in the SA Oil Industry.

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